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  Stone as a fitting material is long lasting and represents eternity.
  One of the oldest building materials- natural stone has over the time changed its importance from massive construction material into a decorative surface material. Granite, marble and limestone make the building not only long lasting for the time and fashion but also decorative. Stone is not hard nor cold material, it all depends on how to use it. Natural stone has a strong character, used in the room it dictates all the other colours and materials to be used. Stone makes glass, wood and metal look precious next to it, but it also makes a good contrast with soft materials.

Developed by nature, stone has many shades and lively surface. Choosing a detail or why not a floor you can be sure that you have something unique. The high price at the first sight will pay you back over the time because stone is something, which does not wear out and is easy to take care of and therefore lasts for decades. Using natural stones you can design genuine and complete look, which can't be achieved by using many modern materials.

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Ahti Läheb


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